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Curtain Dry Cleaning


Curtains are quite often the areas of the home or office that get overlooked when it comes times to the ‘weekly’ clean or the more in-depth ‘spring’ clean. Carpets, furniture, upholstery and linen tend to attract not only dust and stains, but also our attention because they are in a fixed position. We notice when they need a dust or a wipe-down.

During the day, it is more than likely your curtains will be in their open position to let in the warmth and sunlight to light the room. When privacy is needed, and the curtains are drawn it is often the case that any dirt or stains go unnoticed because of the dim lighting.

Regular Curtain dry cleaning is just as important as dry cleaning your clothes, carpet or bed linen. Not only does it remove odours and improve the longevity of the curtain, it is also very beneficial to your respiratory health. Curtains are notorious for harbouring dust, dead insects, insect droppings and mites – all things that when breathed in can cause the onset of conditions such as asthma. AAA Tea Towel’s curtain dry cleaning service is fast, effective and efficiently cleans curtains to remove stains, mould, dirt, insect-related residue and mites. We can return your curtains from their tired dull state to looking as good as when you bought them. Our curtain dry cleaning service applies to all types of fabric curtains, including:

  • Box pleat
  • Eyelets
  • Pinch pleats
  • Rod pockets
  • Tailored pleats

Our door-to-door service ensures you don’t have to worry about the frustrations of having to take down your curtains and deliver them to us, our friendly and highly trained staff can carefully remove your curtains, deliver them to be expertly dry cleaned, return them to you and install them back into their position. Consider AAA Tea Towels, the best and most effective curtain dry cleaning service in Melbourne the next time you decide to get your curtain professionally cleaned.