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Commercial Linen Suppliers & Cleaning in Melbourne


Whilst we can, and do, service the dry cleaning requirements of many hospitality-based businesses in Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs, we are also one of the most comprehensive commercial linen suppliers in Melbourne.

Our linen range is one of the largest in Australia, consisting of bedding, table cloths, tea towels, napkins and serviettes. All our linen comes in a variety of sizes, colours and styles and can be ordered to fit your exact requirements.

It is our goal to take the problems that come with having to purchase, maintain and clean, your linen inventory, away from your business. Our commercial linen hire service is the ideal solution to any business in the hospitality industry that has an ongoing need, and therefore daily turnover, of dirty linen that needs dry cleaning and refreshing.

This process can add a significant overhead into any hospitality business, particularly when you consider that linen must be purchased in the first place. We believe there is no need to spend thousands of dollars on purchasing linen and linen services when you can hire exactly what you need from us at AAA Tea Towels – money that could be better spent on growing the business. We can lease low-volume or high, and we understand that this could change and that the type of product you’re hiring could change. One month you may need more napkins than serviettes, the next month, more bed linen. We can accommodate you.

Our door-to-door commercial linen service in Melbourne will deliver your exact order directly to your business’ front door and collect that same linen, when it has been used, for our dedicated team to expertly dry clean. Once expertly cleaned, you can simply reorder to the same – or different – specifications based on your immediate requirements and that process repeats.

This is a great solution for any business that requires a small, or large turnover of linen because it ensures you do not have to purchase or repurchase unnecessary inventory should your requirements change on a regular basis. You no longer have to concern yourself with running out of clean sheets, fresh towels or laundered napkins.

Simply contact us with your requirements and hire exactly what you need exactly when you need it. No more, no less. We feel that this is one of the best linen services Melbourne can bring to the hospitality industry, and once you’ve tried this solution, we’re confident you’ll agree. Contact us today to discuss all your commercial linen hire & cleaning requirements.